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    Welcome to ... Being Good Karma!  

    A space for healing energy and a Global Healing project.  

    Heal Thyself.  Heal the World. 




    The logo design that came through is incredibly special to me. I love hearts and see them everywhere so that being the starting point was easy.

    -Heart-based living: Check!


    The swirl in the upper left represents that everything is energy, infinity, and in perpetual motion. Of course, there is a symbol for peace and for balance, (the Yin/Yang, the masculine and feminine energy) within us all. There is a feather to represent Spirit,

    an unseen source of energy. The energy that fuels the breath of our earthly experience, powers, sustains our body and is the wind beneath our wings.



    Red represents the root chakra. Located at the base of the spine the root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras or energy centers throughout the body. This chakra is where all our experiences land. It is our right to be here as the person our spirit came here to experience; that we are loved, nurtured, honored, cherished, accepted, to creatively express our unique essence, to access, heal and allow all these truths within to make manifest in our external world. It is the survival center and our ability to feel secure, grounded, and able to withstand challenges. This chakra is foundational to life and is the root of healing all other aspects of our being and the misalignments that cause us challenge in our lives. If left unattended, we will continue to create that which we have already experienced and not know how to break the cycles of what is no longer serving us. Our childhood experiences reside in this chakra.


    Self Introspection allows us to heal, become whole, and expand our inner world.

    It will walk us home to the truth

    of our overall health, balance, and purpose.

    It is a process, a journey and a worthy one indeed to access, heal and allow all these truths within, to make manifest; a true sense of peace within and abundant joy and liberation. Our external world is a projection of our internal world, as we become aware of what is driving us and heal incongruencies, our outer experience will reflect these shifts and changes.



    In the logo's center, is an abstract Asian character representing "Harmony". It is my intention for this healing project that, "Being Good Karma" becomes a lifestyle that gives way to living life with grace, compassion, and living in true and deep harmony within ourselves thus transmitting that energy and intention to others through our daily presence and interactions. At any moment, we are either creating more karma to work through (via resistance, struggle, and fear), or balancing/transmuting karmic energy (by way of conscious, right-hearted action through surrender, acceptance, and release) of old patterns and habits no longer serving us.


    Transmuting (balancing) the energy of karma gives way to HARMONY and harmony outshines the need for karmic lessons at all! When we grow, shift and change, we realize there is no need to go through the weighty and difficult life lessons of karma. We can be peaceful and present with whatever is occurring in our experience from a place of consciousness and grace and allow the process that is unfolding to unfold with the innate intelligence of intrinsic, unchanging Universal law applicable to all bodies. Energy in motion will stay in motion until it is complete. We do not have nearly as much control over what happens as we think we do. We DO, however, have 100% ability to choose our response to how life ebbs and flows through us. To me, this is the reason

    for walking the planet.

    This leads me to share my tag line:

    "Global Healing Project - Heal Thyself, Heal the World". If we each do our own self-reflection and healing, we can, we will and we are making a healthy and loving difference to the collective container of our psychic interrelatedness!


    The marks spilling outside of the lines and the gradation of color; the "lack of perfection" of the logo, represents living life outside of our own (and others' view of our) limitations. Oftentimes, life is messy, yet with a healthy and mindful approach, it can still be so incredibly beautiful and experienced with a peaceful heart.


    Sometimes we need an eraser to do things over and other times, our actions are indelible and cannot be undone. Each life experience, large or small alters us and often those with whom we interact in some way. At some point, it is a particularly promising idea to become aware of what patterns, habits, and beliefs are no longer serving us and preventing us from our highest good. To take accountability for how those patterns were developed, for our habituated actions, how we treat ourselves and (therefore) others, and choose to consciously evolve and co-create our life experience with a loving Universe that so genuinely wants us to have everything our hearts desire and deserve.


    Creating our own high-heart set of guidelines, ones that are right and aligned for our unique journey and living them to the fullest without the need to justify or defend, is a big part of our healing and purpose. To remove the conditioned (subconscious/below conscious) barriers to our personal truth and live our essence to the fullest. The overall logo represents walking through life with our own style, whatever that may mean for each one of us as we spread our unique and vibrant light into the world.

    Outside of (genuine- primal survival mode), fear is mostly a learned behavior. Love is our true essence and we have a choice as to how we show up in our lives, much more so than most can even fathom. It takes practice, dedication, willingness, courage, desire, and support to step fully into our worthiness as humans to experience all that life has to offer and all that our souls came here to be and express.


    Being Good Karma is here to offer all the above and more for the journey!


    A special thanks to Sharron Ragan, of www.sharronragan.com for jazzing up my original (and rudimentary) hand-drawn ideation of my logo. You nailed the concept that was in my heart with depth, creativity, and professionalism. Your love and support of my passion, and my journey, means so very much to me.


    "The Heart is our pure connection to the divine and contains all of the knowledge we will ever need to know our next right step in each moment of life. It is centered in unconditional love and all that is real and true.

    ~Mary D. Simpson


    Being Good Karma Mission Statement : 

    To make a difference on the planet by facilitating and nurturing people back to the fundamental and profound truth of remembering who they are at their essence; Love - through a heart-based, non-judgmental, authentic, safe, and ever-present healing environment.


    Spreading Random Acts of Karma/Kindness (RAKs):

    Every day is a great day to "Be" Good Karma. It is on Tuesdays that a group of friends and I decided that we would go forth and spread Random Acts of Karma/Kindness, or RAKs. So ... each Tuesday we do something that we are called to do to spread Good Karma out into the world. It may be something as simple as offering a smile, buying someone's lunch, or coffee, picking up their grocery tab, making a financial and/or clothing donation to a local charity, surprising a friend with a call, a visit, or an I am thinking about you text, checking on an elderly person, etc. The sky is the limit!


    Our group has helped raise money for a young family who did not have a place to live and enabled them with a down payment to get into a home, a woman in need of funds for her family in Brazil, and others in need of financial assistance to get through challenging times. We have been Christmas angels to families in need, have provided an abundance of warrior prayer support for all of life's circumstances, and have offered many other gestures of non-judgmental, heart-based assistance allowing us to be in service to the betterment of the human race.




    My why is because I have had the gift and the honor to become aware of my individuation and liberation from an exceedingly difficult childhood and challenging life (because of my upbringing). Through my personal healing, study, consistent, self-reflection, forgiveness work (of myself and others), uncovering and aligning with my personal truth, I found greater peace in my life, healthier and mutually respectful relationships with healthy and appropriate boundaIt sries, more support, abundance, ease, fun, joy, adventure. I learned how to recognize and move from living in perpetual and habitual survival mode (sympathetic nervous system, or fight/flight/freeze/fawn) to how we are naturally wired, our parasympathetic nervous system, which operates from a rest/relax/reset/renew- state of being. I realized and continue to integrate and embody my Self-Worth as a human being and, as the innocent child and unique expression and extension, or representation of a higher Source that allowed my creation.


    (I invite you throughout to select and insert Your chosen word that resonates for you,

    God, Source, Spirit, Universe, Yoda, Science, Love any of the 99 names for God or that something greater that sustains our ability to breathe while incarnate.


    From an early age, I had been conditioned to believe, emotionally and intellectually, deep in the cells of my body, that I "did not deserve" any good to come to me in any way, shape, or form. To be sure, I "deserved" the complete opposite and I played the role of my caregivers' vitriol and pain from a deep insidious place for a large portion of my life.


    Because of the struggle (1.0 Old way of being), that was my life and the intelligence of that time (the adaptable coping skills that I developed to survive), I uncovered and replaced struggle with what I preferred to experience: an embodied felt sense of safety, stability, kindness, and grace to myself (2.0 New way of being) which allows me to step into and be in and on my purpose (3.0 Integrated way of being).

    An awareness that the difficulties and ongoing survival tendencies of the first half of my life were the training ground for the healing and ultimate truth for the second half of my life and the purpose and passion for which I incarnated was the key to shifting my entire life around! To share that with others and to hold the high watch for them, allow them a safe, loving, and non-judgmental haven to work through their challenges, and assemble truth is a better part of my soul’s purpose. The very thing I did not have available to me growing up, became my life's purpose. My Why? Because, when one has the honor and privilege of knowing the utmost identity of one’s soul purpose, it is never a clever idea to knowingly cast it aside, hide from it, or flake out on such an ultimate Truth. When I am working with others and assisting them home to the Truth of who they are, everything, absolutely everything is right in the world.


    "There are few greater challenges in life than to fully and without condition, learn to advocate for and love oneself and nothing so vibrantly more worthwhile than to give others the permission to do the same through our unconditionally loving and accepting presence.”

    ~ Mary D. Simpson





  • Description:

    Consious awareness is the key to shifting energy and creating new neural pathways to create and sustain a healthier, happier, more sated, flowing life. Working with those who are ready to take a step forward in their own awareness and healing, Mary physically, emotionallly, mentally, energetically and spiritually guides her clients to connect inside to see what is preventing their actual progress from making manifest what they desire and deserve in their lives.


    Sessions may include dialogue, energy healing, consulting, connecting with other realms, brain balancing, or any combination of the above. Mary helps her clients dig deep while staying curious, present and neutral with whatever is necessary for healing awareness. She facilitates her client’s experience in a safe, kind, present, loving and non-judgemental envioronment, allowing whatever comes forth for the acknowledgment of healing and clearing (one’s path) to make room for the new, exciting and more valuable way of experiencing life!


    Mary has clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. She has worked with babies, children, teens, young adults, couples, families, male/female/gender neutral, middle age, senior citizens and (a sacred gift and specialty) the energetic facilitation of those going through the ultimate transition of this life to another. 

    Please note: It is not my intention on any level to have you believe what I believe or to get you to come to my way of thinking by presenting any of the information or concepts herein. It is rather, my heartfelt desire that what I share, will spark a curiosity within you that will have you go on the most magnificent treasure hunt through the vast information that is available on the various topics that I offer and find what resonates with your soul, your higher understanding, that which will support you on your quest for all that is meant for you. My journey is unique to me, and your journey is unique to you. There is no way someone else can intimately know our personal truth and what is best for us. That is why self-reflection, knowing and honoring our own personal truths, and healing past insidious wounds and trauma is so vital to understanding the multifaceted aspects of who we are so that we may be in service to our soul's ultimate calling, whatever that may be for each of us. You will be led to the right information, at the right time, by the right provider and you will go, Ahhhh, this feels right, or I would like to know more, and it feels right in my body to pursue this particular avenue. If you have landed on this site, it could be that we are meant to work together as one of the stepping stones on your path to healing and wholeness.


    What is energy healing:

    Everything pulses with energy. It is scientifically proven. Everyone has an energy field that emanates out about three to four feet from them in all directions. This is our personal and subtle energy field. Have you ever experienced feeling someone’s presence but could not see or hear them? You just kind of knew someone was 'there', or met someone and knew right away, you would get along, or not?! This is the realm of the subtle energy field communicating with you. Also known as the auric field, or aura of someone or something, seen by the adept, it is mostly unseen, yet inexplicably there. Most people do not pay attention, or acknowledge and/or deny this data because it can't be seen, is mostly non-quantifiable, and has historically been denied, shamed, ridiculed, judged, and juried harshly. We shoot it down and call ourselves silly, or worse, crazy because we don't know how to explain the phenomena that are taking place within and around us. This data, this sensory (felt sense) input is the very experience of the pranic (vital life force energy) pulsing in and around us that contributes volumes to our earthly experience as humans. We benefit greatly by becoming aware of its presence and even more so, by learning to communicate, interact, curiously follow its symbology and combine it with our learned intellect and heart knowledge. A plethora of data is available, allowing us to expand our Earth Walk experience should we wish to do so.


    Our personal energy field perpetually interacts with its environment by sending and receiving (known and mostly unknown, and deeply conditioned) vibrational waves of data via the sensory nervous system that governs the matter of the physical and emotional body. Now, throw in the mix, the mind (our conditioned "persona" and meaning-making machines) that are almost constantly in motion (some more than others), our past experiences, our family of origin, birth order, genetics, parenting, education, extended acquaintances and influencers, regional/geographical factors, nutrition, health habits/conditioning and beliefs, cultural and religious exposure, our personal fears and filters, emotional memories stored in the body, past karmic patterns, and a profoundly untapped personal truth and unique soul expression, and so, begins the process of some of the factors as to how we create our life experience.


    So the creation process goes like so- based on the above comprehensive, yet not an exhaustive list of factors: your thoughts begin it, your emotions (memory stored in every cell of our body) synch up to the thought and amplify it, and your action sets it in motion and increases the momentum to fruition. This process is done mostly from the subconscious,(habitual) impartial mind, that just 'does its job' to keep things moving. Our ideas and concepts that we developed in early childhood set into motion a very powerful way of being in the world. Unless this process is lovingly questioned, updated, and consciously curated, we are going to get the same results we have always gotten.


    Energy healing is a means to communicate and thus work with all the components within the personal energy field. Anything that has ever happened, physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or spiritual lands within our personal sphere of influence and creates our internal and external experience. If we are present, grounded, and aligned, things are much more likely to go well and run smoothly in our lives. Even if things get intense, being in alignment with our personal truth allows us to remain centered and naturally self-regulate and get through challenging times with more ease and grace. If we are misaligned and off-center, and unaware of a bigger force at work (a conditioned and habitual reptilian brain trying to keep you 'safe' at all times under (old) circumstances, then the natural ability of our body to maintain, or heal and sustain itself will be compromised. Left unattended, things will usually gain enough momentum, that at some point, a forced interrupt (job loss, health issue, relationship chaos, and so on) will occur to get our much-needed attention.


    Energy healing sessions can be done both in-person and/or remote, via phone/Skype/WhatsApp. Since everything is energy, once someone invites me to work with them through sessions, I can connect with their personal energy field and higher knowing and conduct the healing.



    "When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything".

    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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    About Mary:

    Mary D. Simpson is an Energetic Healer, with a two-year certification in “The Art and Science of Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM)” through the WhiteWinds Institute with Dr. Fernand Poulin and Donna Love Huling mentors, Atlanta, GA USA, as well as a certified facilitator of PSYCH –K, Akashic records studies along with other various continuing education in her field of study.


    As an ordained Minister of Healing and trainer, through the Sacred Living Interfaith Ministry, Mary works with individuals and groups to bring awareness and energetic healing; balance, health, wellness, and harmony in all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Grounded in sacred teachings she uses her innate gifts, heart-centered talents, and real-life experience from her healing journey to bring truth to those with whom she works.


    Service and Offerings-In addition to offering energy healing sessions, Mary performs a wide variety of ceremonies and other heart-based services specifically created according to desired circumstances such as:

    • Energy Healing sessions, in person (by referral) and via remote, phone
    • Saging, healing, resetting, and clearing of: homes, buildings, churches, land, retail, or workspace
    • Commitment, or recommitment to a person, project, or endeavor
    • Sacred coupling or togetherness; commitment of marriage ceremony
    • Sacred commitment to un-coupling (a consciously co-created vow and ceremony to acknowledge, honor, respect, and hold in highest regard one another's experience as a former couple and releasing one another to move on in their lives with shared love, best intention, and gratitude for having journeyed together. This is a beautiful recognition of a significant period where two lives intertwined and helped shape one another's souls) and acknowledge, that it is time to move on, lovingly
    • Corporate Events, presentations, lunch & learn based on, (everything is energy) and its multi-dimensional interactivity in our daily lives at home and work. Customizable subject matter is available
    • A specialty of Mary's is the Sacred energetic facilitation of End-of-life transition, both in-person and remote. Mary is hospice-trained
    • Through the Sacred Living Interfaith Ministry, Mary is trained to assist with and facilitate the ordination of others on their healing ministry path
    • Other, Let's create!

    Mary is an agent of free will and holds space for wherever you are on your healing path and what is 'the next right step' on your journey.


    Mary works with clients from all walks of life; locally (SE, USA area), US nationally, and internationally. Mary is the founder of a private community called Good Karma (950 + and growing), the Founder of the Facebook Page @Finding Hearts Sharing Love, and is a self-described Lover of Life. Mary's life is further blessed as the mother of two amazing daughters, their thoughtful and inspiring partners, and a beautiful granddaughter who has taught her the enlightened meaning of unconditional love.



    Mary D. Simpson has an Associate Degree in Fashion Business and Modeling from Bauder College which is what brought her to Atlanta, Georgia from Northern Illinois when she was a teenager. She has extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise in many facets of business including the business owner, partner of an international software company, years of B to B National advertising experience, owner and consultant on vision for organizations and individuals, and working with adults with disabilities (a favorite part of her resume). She is now pursuing her passion for the healing arts which combines her years of experiences in the aforementioned areas along with her ability to provide healing through her innate talent and desire for heart-based living and for everyone to truly be happy in their lives. Mary has traveled the world which enables her to maintain a global view and perspective while simultaneously focusing on details in all that she endeavors.

    Jonathan Ive

    Mary D. Simpson

    Master Healer & Interfaith Reverend of Healing


  •  Payments and Gifting 

    Payments for any Good Karma service; session, gifted sessions, events, gifts/donatons, and/or Being Good Karma product (coming soon) can be made through this site at the PayPal "Buy Now" button below. Payment can also be made through Zelle (marydsimpson@charter.net), or Venmo (marysimpson18, with a verification code for first-time payments of 4339).


    Please use the "Connect" button to request a session, obtain rate information, or make any other inquiry.


    Love Offering/Gifting/Donations toward the Being Good Karma Right Livelihood project are humbly and gratefully welcome and accepted. It is a big deal to step out of one's comfort zone and realize one's dreams. Mid-year, 2014 all known sources of income ceased and with clients calling and asking for sessions, I could no longer deny what I was supposed to be doing, energy healing, and leadership of my Good Karma group which had organically grown from a few to near 1,000 now. Following my Soul's purpose for the Healing Arts has been my ultimate joy and has stretched me further than I have ever allowed myself to go. It has been quite a journey into the unknown and I have never once questioned being in service to my clients. It is through and because of my own personal healing journey that I say YES to my passion, my purpose, and my higher calling.


    Gifting may include volunteering or, assistance with an aspect of growing the BGK healing project that I am not aware of, (or an area that is not my expertise), sourcing product, or suggestions of how to be in greater service not previously mentioned.


    Any financial gifts that may be received will go toward an ongoing focus on building out and expanding the Being Good Karma project, events, workshops, and experiences that will continue to spread healing on an individual, local, and global basis, putting business foundations into place for expansion, much-needed and asked-for product development, the opportunity to focus on writing and launching the BGK book and teachings that have been coming through me for public consumption, continuing education within the healing arts, scholarships to provide healing sessions to those in critical need but who are unable to pay for their session either in full or in part and so on!


    With incredible amounts of heartfelt gratitude, Thank You for your support, for spending time on my site, and for learning more about my purpose and right livelihood as I continue to build out my mission!


    May you be abundantly blessed,

    Mary D. Simpson,

    Master Healer, Interfaith Reverend of Healing, Founder of Being Good Karma



    "If you judge yourself, you judge me. If you judge me, you judge yourself. 

    If you love yourself, you love me. If you love me, you love yourself, for we are simply a mirror for one another to see truth. All judgement is self judgement desiring the light of love." 


    ~ Mary D. Simpson



    Here is what people are saying about healing sessions with Mary ...

    In a world filled with fear and uncertainty, we all are looking for someone to help us make sense of it all. Mary is that person for me and many others. She is a loving, warm and accepting person who has the gift of healing. Mary is an intuitive and has the ability to communicate with those who no longer are physically with us. I have referred friends and family to Mary, she has been of great benefit to them all, despite their condition or challenges. 


    ~ Dr. Stan Beecham, Psychologist, Author

    Mary’s healing expertise and soulful insight was one of the most productive sessions in my journey to clear limiting blocks and connect to my master energy. My path to increased success was a result of her healing hands.


    ~ Sharron Ragan, CEO Visionary Business Worldwide

    Mary Simpson is a very gifted healer.  She has great compassion for her clients and is very passionate about energy healing.  Mary has brought me great awareness to who I am and what is going on with me energetically and how energy healing continues to be beneficial to my soul and well being.  
    ~Randi Shapiro
    President/Founder, Recruiting Specialists, Inc.

    My journey with Mary Simpson has been nothing short of amazing!  She has a very warm, welcoming energy that puts you at ease and creates a deep sense of well-being and trust.  Mary is truly a master healer touched by the Divine. 


    ~ Linda Allen, Singer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur

    I just wanted to Thank you for another miracle healing experience. The results are profound as always.  I am just so totally shifted internally in all the ways that are right.  All the questions I had, the confusion I was going through is gone, the stress is gone with the connection to my soul, to my higher consciousness is there.


    Really, I just can't say enough about your work.  I look forward to referring many more people to you.


    Thank you so much again.   You are the healer of healers.


     ~Bob Lancer,

    Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host

    Mary is a very sensitive, calm and peaceful person that can sense every little thing in your aura field that needs to be improved. I was lucky enough to get to know her and work with her, and through the sessions many details were shared with me that completely made sense. I always left feeling a sense of peace and of awareness to also help myself in the days to follow. I would recommend her, no questions asked, to anyone looking for an alternative way to feel their best. Truly gifted!
    ~ Elizabeth Lockley, Actress, Singer, Healer, Personal Trainer 

    How do I define the impact of Mary Simpson?

     First the practical. My work with Mary clarified objectives both on a micro and macro level, identified specific actionable steps to be taken, and empowered me and my people to the extent that we all but raced out of the door eager to begin.


    Now the profound. In the end, Mary helped me get out of my own way and into my own purpose. Our work helped me connect with my greatest, most authentic vision for my life and my company, the vision that was already there but buried in self defeating notions or behaviors. In the end, our work was about freeing and empowering me to step more fully into who I really am and the work I'm here to do.


    Where are you and where would you like to go? Mary can help you answer both question with certainty and help you to recognize and utilize the tools you already possess to get you there.

    In short and without exaggeration, my work with Mary Simpson was powerfully profound and life changing.


    Thank you Mary.

    You are a gift.


    ~Brian Perry

    Coach, singer, songwriter, speaker, author

  • You are so much more than you know!

    Are you ready to realize all of who you are and feel your optimal best?!
    Reach out now to schedule an appointment!
    Sessions can be done in person (by referral) or by telephone.
    GA, USA

  • My Musings


    ~ Quotes


    "Time takes time and time is an amazing storyteller"!

    ~Mary D Simpson


    "The Heart is our pure connection to the divine and contains all of the knowledge we will ever need to know our next right step in each moment of life. It is centered on effortless unconditional love and all that is real and true.

    ~Mary D. Simpson


    ~Divine Appointment

    By: Mary D. Simpson 


    Your soul is exquisite and I honor you

    I know you.  I see you. 

    Ours is a divine appointment

    Words are not necessary



    By: Mary D. Simpson 


    As an innocent, you came into the world - and collective victim consciousness became you.


    In this life, on this physical plane, there will always be pain for your growth; your evolution.

    To the extent that you suffer – this, my friend is optional!


    In prayer, talk to the Creator ...

    Put forth all of your curiosities.

    Ask anything you like!

    Anything at all.


    In meditation and silence, hear the answers.

    In faith, the truth will be revealed.


    Go on now.  Find your truth, your purpose.


    Blend together the innocence of your birth, the purpose for which you came and the wisdom that you have collected along the way and live!


    In so doing you honor the God-Self within you and you are a light worker unto us all.


    Now you have conquered the meaning of life. 


    ~ Homecoming

    By: Mary D. Simpson 


    Tiny whispers of my soul.

    Telling me we've loved before.


    The dove, transplendent in its nature, beckons


    All the worlds remember!






      With conviction.


    Remember the Truth of the Heart.


    You are love.


    Come home to me.

    ~The Many Sides of Truth

     By: Mary D. Simpson 


    Yours.  Mine.  Ours.  Theirs.

    The collective.

    We, Them,

    Cliff and Clem.


    Round, short, Big with sprawl.

    Thorough, weak –

    Theists oust those who bare all.


    Jagged edges, softer sides.

    Angry rants, tearful brides.


    Tired Cabbies, private I’s,

    Passionate musicians,

    The super yacht captn’ hearing “Aye Aye”


    A tender young boy fighting sleep

    The mother who coos while she reads to him, Little Bo Peep


    The wise man, the newbie and, the dreamer too,

    My heart as it pounds when I think of you.


    The teen with a new license

    A cop handing out penance.

    The childish ego that creates such a menace


    Those breaking horses,

    Those digging plots,

    Mayan Aboriginal and Frugal Scots


    A baby’s cry,

    The drug addicts high,

    My Wandering footsteps as I say my goodbyes.


    A couple making love,

    The priest anointing baptism at the hands of God,

    And parents who do it, so as not to feel flawed.


    A zealot’s ardent stance,

    A “who gives a shit” attitude from France.


    A hopeful inventor,

    A Paternal protector.


    Akiana’s soul mission,

    A grand Galactic Vision,

    Will surely make a skeptic ponder.


    Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,”

    The Wall Street tycoon drinking wine and eating pretzels for dinner in his $10 million dollar flat.


    An Artist, a Zen master,

    A piano teacher tunes;

    The child who hates school in a box, and better understands runes.


    The dyslexic who can barely read with a great work ethic and really big heart,

    A worldly scholar and his fine education -

    What sets them apart?


    A mystic whose faith is believed to be real whilst practicing Magic and wanting to heal -

    Hypocrites passionately defending their truth, as their actions belie what they’re trying to prove.


    TV anchors clamor to be the first to report news,

    Even though the facts are not in, they brief the public on their views. 


    A homeless man who lives under a bridge.

    An endorphin clad athlete scaling the next narrow ridge.


    Bill Gate’s top techno wiz so socially awkward it’s epic

    The popular girl who struggled through school, loves diversity, excitement  and nature -

    Couldn’t, wouldn’t trade her truth to be that myopic.


    “Holy Shit.  I created this all.  What does God want from me,” randomly text’s my friend -

    While his next door neighbor operates more toward a Heathen tend.


    In Bali the lights go out in a modest thatched hut,

    The Caribbean the crew tucks themselves into their cots,

    The Wealthy they dim their Murano shades …

    And little ones in Africa climb a tree to find safety and pray as they fade.  


    It’s everything and nothing all rolled into One. 

    We each have our Truths from racist to nun. 


    I offer a small sampling of what I have witnessed thus far,

    Please note I honor it all, from the most seemingly boring to the utmost bazaar. 

    ~Rainbow Light

    By: Mary D. Simpson


    Thy Heart!

    I am beholden to you,

              the great keeper of the key to the truth of my Atma.


    I seek you not, for I already possess you deep within my soul


    In humility I bow down to your teachings


    I AM an empty vessel

    Fill me to overflow!

    Pour through me your wisdom;

                    to permeate every cell of my being


    With outstretched arms, I desire to know you more deeply than ever before

    In this hollowed state of surrender, my capacity to receive you grows greater;

                                    The sleeping Serpent - Goddess no longer sleeps


    You shower me with rainbow light as I AM Yes to this divine union


    In your truth;

    I AM joy, I AM peace

    I AM sacred balance

    I AM a radiant light bridge

         I AM universal love

    I AM home

    I AM you


    I AM dust at the mercy of your love

    All that matters is Love!

    ~Forever Us

    By: Mary D. Simpson


    Let’s make a pact that we will never fall out of love 

    That our cadence will never falter 

    And the spark for one another will stand the test of time  


    That the light within our hearts remains forever flickering 

    Our bodies never cease to cuddle, 

    And our lips never tire of smiling because the other has walked into the room  


    That our pillow talk remains always fluffy, 

    Music moves us to join hands as we dance, 

    And that we are eternally inspired by the other to romance 


    That we are each other’s number one confidant 

    And one another’s best and brightest Soul compliment  


    That we take each other to our highest hearts 

    And be there for one another in the valley of our darks


    To remember each new day is a cherished gift from above  

    That we never once take each other for granted; 

    and we consciously choose, to be eternally contented 


     Forever us is so enticing 

    Let’s make this pact, You and I And be Forever Freein Our Love